Pressure cleaning

Pressure cleaning

Water pressure cleaning is an environmentally friendly, financially wise and highly effective technique to clean rainwater tanks, swimming pools and even streets and certain types of pipe.

At Limpiezas Domingo, we count on excellent pressure cleaning equipment for these areas and outdoor elements. In addition to this, we also have smaller high-technology equipment to pressure-clean industrial units, larger facilities and smaller areas as well.

Pressure cleaning is a perfect and environmentally friendly solution for strong, hard to removing but yet chemical-sensitive materials.

Due to the unbeatable advantages it offers, we take advantage of this technique whenever possible in our cleaning and maintenance works in the northern area of Alicante and southern area of Valencia Provinces.

Septic Tanks Emptying

Septic Tanks Emptying

The cleaning and emptying of septic tanks is a very specific task that should be left in the hands of experts, due to the health and environmental risks involved in the process.

Besides the technical resources and the knowledge needed to carry out this task, we must keep in mind the environmental and legal responsibility that comes with the treatment of the extracted toxic waste.

On top of this, the handling of such waste on an emptying or cleaning process can be hazardous to one’s health if done improperly.

In Limpiezas Domingo, our vehicles have equipment for water pressure cleaning and extraction of waste in septic tanks, cesspits, tanks, pools and usable rainwater tanks, among other containers or difficult-to-reach areas.

Our equipment at Limpiezas Domingo Works with different levels of pressure, and we also perform cleaning works  with high-pressure  pumps, using different hoses to dissolve debris, mud, detergent and any other substances.

An increasing number of clients in the northern area of Alicante and the southern area of Valencia Provinces have trusted in us to clean their septic tanks, containers, pools, etc. while managing the resulting toxic waste in compliance with the current national and international regulations.

If you need to hire such services or are just looking for some guidance on maintenance protocols and your facilities or property are located in  Calpe, Jávea, Dénia, Ondara, Teulada, Moraira, Benissa, Oliva, etc., please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Industrial cleaning

Industrial cleaning

Every day, more and more companies and organizations in the northern part of Alicante province are trusting in us at Limpiezas Domingo for their industrial cleaning requirements, for two simple reasons:

  1. Outsourcing this type of tasks to a specialized company clearly is a financially and strategically wise decision which contributes to enhance competitiveness.
  2. We plan our actions ahead enough to avoid affecting the performance and routines of our clients.

At Limpiezas Domingo we have the right staff of experts and the right tools to supply large facilities cleaning services. Some of our targets are shopping malls, industrial facilities, large business units, etc.

Thanks to our expertise, we can also supply cleaning services to facilities such as wash centres, pump centres, confined areas, decanting systems, etc.

We also are able to perform comprehensive maintenance to pump centres —pumps, buoys— pumps replacement and repair, and even consultancy for maintenance and prevention plans, perfect to extend the life of your systems.

Whatever the case, we always carry out a detailed inspection and take in consideration the use of the facilities. This allows us to choose the right chemicals, tools and professionals, and outline the right plan with the right budget to guarantee the best quality at competitive prices in the northern area of the Alicante province.

Pipes unblocking and cleaning

Pipes unblocking and cleaning

A clean plumbing system is a longer-lasting, more efficient system. Pipe replacements usually mean important building works and therefore, big expenses. That is why the maintenance of today is the savings of tomorrow.

We at Limpiezas Domingo have the most advanced equipment ready to unblock drainages and plumbing systems in general. More than 15 years of experience in Calpe, Jávea, Dénia, Teulada, Moraira, Benissa, Olive and nearby towns back us up. During these years, we have faced all kinds of imaginable plumbing clogs and we have always succeeded in fixing the issues.

Our experience in the plumbing services industry and our self-demanding nature have led us to acquire high-pressure cleaning equipment and special nozzles for all types of pipe clogging,

like those produced by detergent, cellulose, mud, stones, construction debris, roots or remains stuck on low-gradient pipes.

There is no need to wait for a pipe system to get clogged. If a plumbing system of your property had not been checked or maintained since long ago and unpleasant odours are flowing out, do not trust in short term solution and ineffective fixes such as chemical drain cleaners. Contacts us and we will leave any plumbing system just like new.

For Limpiezas Domingo, no drain blockage is too large or small: All of our clients are equally important. We can unclog from a regular dishwasher drain to any imaginable sewerage network.

General Services

services for plumbing systems

In Limpiezas Domingo we offer a wide range of services for plumbing systems in any facility or town of the Marina Alta region in the Spanish Costa Blanca.

The key of our quality services is our people: a team of highly qualified professionals specialized in maintenance deep cleaning and with extensive experience in:

 - Industrial cleaning
 - Emptying and cleaning of septic tanks, cesspits, tanks, swimming pools, etc.
 - Cleaning of rainwater tanks, pools, terraces, pump centres, wash centres and similar areas with pressure cleaning equipment Besides our staff of experts and engineers, we at Limpiezas Domingo count on the most advanced tools and fully equipped vehicles,to

guarantee the highest quality, the fastest response and the least disturbance possible.

The expertise of our people perfectly blends with our equipment to provide a tailor-made solution to your plumbing problems at competitive prices.

For us, your satisfaction through a high-quality service is our priority. Therefore, Limpiezas Domingo takes these values for granted at the moment of providing solutions to our clients.

Those hiring our general maintenance and cleaning services in the southern area of Valencia and northern area of Alicante Provinces can rest assured that their expectations will be covered and quality will be put forward.

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