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Limpiezas Domingo

Company specialised in cleaning and emptying septic tanks, general unblocking, inspection of pipes and maintenance of sewage networks.

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General Services

pipe cleaning - limpiezas domingo

Unblocking and pipe cleaning

Pipe blockages can cause many associated problems such as burst pipes, dampness or even leaks leading to flooding. It is therefore advisable to carry out regular cleaning to avoid future problems.

Inspection of domestic pipelines - Limpiezas domingo

Domestic Pipeline Inspection

At Limpiezas Domingo e Hijos, we have the special equipment and the right personnel to offer you domestic pipe inspection services. To detect clogs or leaks that may cause problems.

Emptying of septic tanks - Limpiezas domingo

Emptying and cleaning of septic tanks

The main advantages of emptying a septic tank are: (prevention of future blockages, prevention of flooding due to obstruction, avoiding bad smells in the home and extending the useful life of your installation with the economic savings that this entails).

Preventive maintenance - Sunday cleaning

Preventive maintenance

There is no doubt that the best way to avoid problems with your pipes, septic tanks or pumping stations is to get ahead of them, and maintenance is paramount. Each installation, due to its characteristics and uses, requires different interventions. Limpiezas Domingo e Hijos adapts the maintenance programme for its correct operation.

Maintenance contracts - Cleaning Sunday

Maintenance Contracts

We offer maintenance contracts for pipelines and sewage treatment plants that improve and extend the service life of installations. From communities, shopping centres, rental agencies and local councils.

Get a maintenance plan and avoid blocked sewers, drains and pipes that will lead to flooding of basements, car parks and commercial premises.

A perfect plan for local councils and homeowners’ associations.

Special Services

Locating hidden manholes

Locating clogs and burst pipes

Root infiltration

Pipe inspection with TV unit

Industrial cleaning

Repair of pipes without building work

Interior pipe milling

Locating water leaks

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water leaks
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Limpiezas Domingo e Hijos

Today, it has more than 15 years of extensive experience in septic tank emptying, unblocking pipes and repairing leaks. A team of highly qualified professionals, which guarantees an efficient service at competitive prices in the north of the province of Alicante and the south of Valencia.


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