Pipe milling

Pipes with a smaller radius than the main pipe are often clogging points. Pipe milling is the right prevention.

Leave secondary connections at the same level as the main pipe section.

Pipe maintenance extends the life of the sanitation system .

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In the process of inspecting and assessing sewerage pipes, pipes with a smaller radius than the main pipe may often be observed discharging into the main pipe. These small pipes often cause clogging points and blockages of varying degrees of importance that can eventually lead to considerable damage to the pipework.

By means of the internal pipe milling technique, the secondary connections are left at the same level as the main pipe section, thus remaining completely free and without obstructions that prevent the regular flow of waste through the pipes.

Milling consists of causing the erosion of the pipe on the inside, which is a delicate task if it is not carried out by trained professionals such as those at Limpiezas Domingo, a benchmark for pipe repair and milling in the Marina Alta and Safor areas.

A good pipe maintenance programme extends the life of the sewerage system and saves money in the medium term, as it is much more cost-effective to keep pipes in good condition than to be forced to replace them once the damage is irreversible.

If you have any doubts about the possible breakdowns that may occur in the pipes of your building, contact us at Limpiezas Domingo and we will analyse your case and give you the best response to your requirements and your budget.

pipe milling

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Angela sánchez
Angela sánchez
8 Marzo 2024
Empresa muy competente
robert duncan
robert duncan
9 Noviembre 2023
They do a clean tidy job. They quoted me 135€ for the first hour and 85€ and hour after the first hour. From the time they came in my gate till the time they left was 29 minutes, they charged me 215€. My daughter called them the next morning to see why they charged 215€. Their explanation was, they call you when they finish the previous job and your time starts then, in my case their last job was Denia and I’m in Jávea so I had to pay for them to come from Denia to Jávea. They empty your septic tank, in my case they didn’t empty it because the truck was full. Then you have to pay for them to go and empty the truck. When you ask a quote make sure you know what you’re getting. The 135€ for the first hour doesn’t exist.
David Pedro mestre
David Pedro mestre
2 Octubre 2023
Muy profesionales
Mathieu Hoen
Mathieu Hoen
25 Agosto 2023
Very quick service with professional equipment. Works correctly and tidy.

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