Locating hidden manholes

Knowing the exact location of the manholes in any building or facility is of utmost importance to ensure that the entire piping network functions correctly.

No excavation is required.

Avoiding inconvenience, wasted time and unnecessary costs.

Location, direction and exact depth of pipes and manholes.

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Knowing the exact location and distribution of sewerage networks can be a headache in many buildings with inadequately documented, misplaced or very old plans.

That’s why the latest technology is essential: to accurately identify the network and rectify any faults in your home, premises or any facility with pipes, drains and sewers. With the best trained professionals

In addition to having an advanced TV camera system to detect damage and structural defects in sewerage systems, Limpiezas Domingo has ultrasound equipment to locate hidden manholes, underground drains and any other element in the sewerage network where access is limited for specialised personnel or even for probes and cameras for pipe exploration.

Aware of the needs and budgets of each client, Limpiezas Domingo offers the latest technological advances combined with more than 15 years of experience in sectors related to sewage networks, pumping, unblocking and technical cleaning in general to provide an effective, fast service at the most competitive prices in the Levante area.

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Locating hidden manholes: Why Limpiezas Domingo is your best choice?

In any home or business, one of the most unexpected and problematic challenges is locating hidden manholes. When faced with this need, it is crucial to have a fast, expert and reliable service to accurately determine its location. In this scenario, Domingo e Hijos stands out as your reliable company for the location of hidden manholes. Why are we your first choice for discovering these essential but often elusive structures? Here are the reasons why.

Market Experience

Our knowledge accumulated over years of service allows us to handle any clogging, guaranteeing effective solutions.



Our team is highly trained and equipped with the most advanced tools to perform high quality work.



We understand that every minute counts. We offer a fast service to solve your problem in a timely manner.


Excellent Service

We guarantee you a pleasant and professional experience, from the first contact to the completion of the work.

Competitive Pricing

Our prices are affordable and transparent, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

Respect for the Environment

We use environmentally friendly techniques and materials in our unblocking process to minimise our environmental impact.

What they think of us

Angela sánchez
Angela sánchez
8 Marzo 2024
Empresa muy competente
robert duncan
robert duncan
9 Noviembre 2023
They do a clean tidy job. They quoted me 135€ for the first hour and 85€ and hour after the first hour. From the time they came in my gate till the time they left was 29 minutes, they charged me 215€. My daughter called them the next morning to see why they charged 215€. Their explanation was, they call you when they finish the previous job and your time starts then, in my case their last job was Denia and I’m in Jávea so I had to pay for them to come from Denia to Jávea. They empty your septic tank, in my case they didn’t empty it because the truck was full. Then you have to pay for them to go and empty the truck. When you ask a quote make sure you know what you’re getting. The 135€ for the first hour doesn’t exist.
David Pedro mestre
David Pedro mestre
2 Octubre 2023
Muy profesionales
Mathieu Hoen
Mathieu Hoen
25 Agosto 2023
Very quick service with professional equipment. Works correctly and tidy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Locating Hidden Manholes

What are hidden manholes and why is it important to locate them?

Concealed manholes are underground access units that are part of the sewerage or drainage system, often buried underground and without a visible cover. Locating them is vital for the maintenance, inspection, and repair of the drainage system, preventing serious blockages and other related problems.

How does Limpiezas Domingo locate hidden manholes?

At Limpiezas Domingo we use advanced technologies, such as CCTV inspection cameras and metal detectors, which allow us to accurately locate manholes without the need for extensive excavation. This minimises nuisance and damage to the environment.

Is it necessary to carry out works on my property to locate manholes?

Not necessarily. Our method of manhole location is designed to avoid, as far as possible, building work and excavation. We use non-invasive techniques that allow us to determine the location of manholes without significantly altering your property.

After locating the manhole, what additional services does Limpiezas Domingo offer?

After locating, we offer comprehensive services that include opening, cleaning, unclogging if necessary, and regular maintenance of manholes to ensure that your drainage system is functioning optimally.

What differentiates Domingo e Hijos from other unblocking companies?

Our combination of experience, rapid response, and use of advanced technology sets us apart. In addition, our commitment to customer satisfaction means that we always go the extra mile to ensure that your drainage systems work perfectly.

How often should manholes be inspected?

We recommend a professional inspection at least once a year. However, if your system is old or has had previous problems, such as clogging or flooding, it is advisable to increase the frequency of these inspections.

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