Unblocking and cleaning pipes in DÉNIA

A cleaned pipe is a pipe that significantly prolongs its service life.

Changing a pipe is a major expense

Today’s maintenance is tomorrow’s savings

15 years of experience

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Specialised unblocking and pipe cleaning services in Dénia


Limpiezas Domingo, your reference in Denia for unblocking and pipe cleaning. With a consolidated trajectory in the region, we stand out for providing first class solutions that guarantee the optimal functioning of your pipes.

Our offer in Denia covers both pipe cleaning and unblocking, with special emphasis on the preservation and care of your plumbing system. We make sure your pipes are spotless, free of blockages and working perfectly.

Clogs and blockages in pipes and drains can lead to serious complications in your home or business. From water accumulation to structural damage, it is essential not to underestimate these issues. In Limpiezas Domingo, we are experts in unclogging and pipe cleaning in Denia, offering agile and efficient responses to any plumbing challenge that arises.

We have a highly qualified team that employs state-of-the-art technology and the most advanced techniques in unclogging and pipe cleaning, ensuring that your plumbing system operates smoothly. From small clogs in toilets to blockages in main pipes, we are prepared to solve problems of any magnitude.

Our hallmark in the field of pipe cleaning and unclogging in Denia is our unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. We strive to provide unsurpassed customer service, always ready to exceed expectations and ensure that your pipelines are in perfect condition.


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Unblock your pipes in Denia with a bucket truck: Why choose Limpiezas Domingo?

In the homes and businesses of Denia, facing a clogged pipe is a common and annoying inconvenience. At times like this, what you need is an agile, effective and reliable service to solve the problem. In this context, Limpiezas Domingo stands out as the preferred choice in Denia. The reasons to trust us to free your pipelines? These are detailed below.

Market Experience

Our knowledge accumulated over years of service allows us to handle any clogging, guaranteeing effective solutions.



Our team is highly trained and equipped with the most advanced tools to perform high quality work.



We understand that every minute counts. We offer a fast service to solve your problem in a timely manner.


Excellent Service

We guarantee you a pleasant and professional experience, from the first contact to the completion of the work.

Competitive Pricing

Our prices are affordable and transparent, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

Respect for the Environment

We use environmentally friendly techniques and materials in our unblocking process to minimise our environmental impact.

What they think of us

Angela sánchez
Angela sánchez
8 Marzo 2024
Empresa muy competente
robert duncan
robert duncan
9 Noviembre 2023
They do a clean tidy job. They quoted me 135€ for the first hour and 85€ and hour after the first hour. From the time they came in my gate till the time they left was 29 minutes, they charged me 215€. My daughter called them the next morning to see why they charged 215€. Their explanation was, they call you when they finish the previous job and your time starts then, in my case their last job was Denia and I’m in Jávea so I had to pay for them to come from Denia to Jávea. They empty your septic tank, in my case they didn’t empty it because the truck was full. Then you have to pay for them to go and empty the truck. When you ask a quote make sure you know what you’re getting. The 135€ for the first hour doesn’t exist.
David Pedro mestre
David Pedro mestre
2 Octubre 2023
Muy profesionales
Mathieu Hoen
Mathieu Hoen
25 Agosto 2023
Very quick service with professional equipment. Works correctly and tidy.

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Frequently asked questions about Dénia plumbing cleaning and drain cleaning

What services does Limpiezas Domingo e Hijos offer for unblocking and pipe cleaning in Denia?

Limpiezas Domingo e Hijos specializes in unblocking and cleaning of pipes, inspection of domestic pipes, emptying and cleaning of septic tanks, and preventive maintenance of sewage networks in Denia and surroundings.

Why is it important to perform a regular pipe cleaning in Denia with Limpiezas Domingo e Hijos?

Periodic cleaning prevents associated problems such as pipe bursts, humidity and possible flooding, guaranteeing the proper functioning and prolonging the useful life of the installations.

What are the advantages of emptying septic tanks with Limpiezas Domingo e Hijos in Denia?

The emptying of septic tanks prevents future clogging, flooding due to obstruction, eliminates unpleasant odors in the house and prolongs the useful life of the installation, generating economic savings.

How does Limpiezas Domingo e Hijos make sure to detect clogs or leaks in pipes in Denia?

The company has special equipment and adequate personnel to carry out inspections of domestic pipelines, allowing it to detect clogs or leaks that may cause problems.

Does Limpiezas Domingo e Hijos offer maintenance contracts for pipes in Denia?

Yes, Limpiezas Domingo e Hijos offers maintenance contracts adapted to the characteristics and uses of each installation, guaranteeing its correct operation and prolonging its useful life.

With more than 15 years of experience, in which areas does Limpiezas Domingo e Hijos mainly operate besides Denia?

Limpiezas Domingo e Hijos operates from Jávea and nearby towns in the province of Alicante, to Oliva and Gandía in the province of Valencia, covering regions such as La Marina and La Safor.

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